Credit Card Transaction Security Processing

Technical Summary
Forum Sentry provides security processing for over 80% of the US credit card transaction, and over 50% of global credit card transactions. Message formats include SOAP 1.1/1.2, XML, SwA MTOM. Security processing includes SSL acceleration, XML Threats, and XSD schema validation.

Sentry Technology Components Used
This use case utilizes the following technology components that are available and integrated with the Forum Sentry product.

Protocol Policies HTTP, HTTPS, IBM MQ, Tibco EMS
Content Policies WSDL, XML
Mediation Policies XSLT, Attribute Mapping
Security Policies TLS, XSD Schema Validation, XML Threat Detection
Task Policies Conditional Processing
Identity Policies Active Directory
Governance Policies Flow Control, Size Control, Authorization failure, Authentication Failure

Use Case Description

Deployed across 3 data centers in High Availability (HA), Forum Sentry provides high volume security transaction processing with latency under 5ms for all transactions. Sentry is used for protocol mediation to convert between HTTPS and IBM MQ, and HTTPS and Tibco EMS. Service APIs are exposed via Sentry as the central gateway for transactional credit card processing information flows. All messages are inspected with XSD schema conformance checking ensuring proper parent/child relationships and data types.