Global Telecom Infrasture Workflow and Virtualized Service APIs

Technical Summary
Forum Sentry provides business workflow routing and processing for a major global Telecommunications conglomerate. All external facing XML, SOAP, and REST services are published via Forum Sentry policies.

Sentry Technology Components Used
This use case utilizes the following technology components that are available and integrated with the Forum Sentry product.

Protocol Policies HTTP, HTTPS, JBOSS, Orace JMS, FTP, SFTP, SMTP
Content Policies WSDL, XML, REST, HTML
Mediation Policies XSLT, SAML, SOAP/REST/XML Conversion, Archiving, Attribute Mapping
Security Policies SSLv3, XSD Schema Validation, WS-Security 2004
Task Policies Conditional Processing
Identity Policies LDAP, Active Directory
Governance Policies Flow Control, Size Control, Authorization failure, Authentication Failure


Use Case Description

Over 300 SOAP services are deployed across 2 separate data centers. Forum Sentry WSDL virtualization technology is used to provide SOAP APIs as combined virtual WSDLs presenting only the specific operations to each trading partner that are required for their integration API. This provides a simplified means of managing the security, identity, and governance aspects of the transaction flow, as well as providing substantial cost savings to integrators and partners by allowing them to simply integrate to a single WSDL with a single endpoint. Forum Sentry automatically routes the SOAP messages to their applicable back-end servers at runtime as traffic flows through.

Additonally, Forum Sentry technology is configured to provide SLA rate throttling and reporting for aggregate accesses across 2 simultaneously active data centers. Using Sentry rate tracking rules, and the clustered aggregate rate recognition across multiple Sentry instances, the trading partner SLA policies can be easily tracked and enforced regardless of the service consumption across the 2 data centers.