US Internal Revenue Service Tax Return Security Processing

Technical Summary
Forum Sentry provides perimeter security of the US Treasury network for all US tax returns business and personal. Message patterns include SOAP, SwA MIME, SwA DIME, SwA MTOM, and XML. Security processing includes antivirus scanning, xml threats, encryption, signatures, SAML assertions, session tracking, logging and auditing.

Sentry Technology Components Used
This use case utilizes the following technology components that are available and integrated with the Forum Sentry product.

Protocol Policies HTTP, HTTPS
Content Policies WSDL, XML
Mediation Policies XSLT, Attribute Mapping
Security Policies RSA PKI, TLS, WS-Security 2004, Virus Scan, XSD Schema Validation, XML Threat Detection
Task Policies Conditional Processing, Dynamic Encryption
Identity Policies LDAP, CA Siteminder
Governance Policies Flow Control, Size Control, Authorization failure, Authentication Failure, Virus Detected


Use Case Description

All US Electronic Tax Filings (Corporate and Individual) are processed through Forum Sentry Gateways (80+ million 2011, 120+ million for 2012, 200+ million projected 2013). Tax returns are submitted into the Internal Revenue Service via secured SOAP APIs presented by Forum Sentry. SOAP clients vary by technologies and Forum Sentry SOAP APIs are enabled to handle variants of SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, SOAP with Attachments (SwA) MIME, SwA DIME, and MTOM.

Binary and embedded BASE64 artifacts are parsed, extracted, and virus scanned by Forum Sentry ensuring that the actual content is decoded and scanned. Forum Sentry provides identity SSO via SAML assertions and intercepting authentications tokens with native integration with CA Siteminder and LDAP. Forum Sentry is also utilized by the IRS to cache all Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) such that Sentry can consolidate all CRLs and provide an XKMS service to clients for centralized key recovation checking.