Forum Sentry Agile API Security Gateway

certificationsandcustomers. The Forum Sentry API Security Gateway is built on 14 years of innovation and over $100m in research and development. As the only API Security Gateway to achieve FIPS 140-2 and NIAP NDPP certifications, Forum Sentry provides threat mitigation, centralized access control and secure integration at the network border. These solutions securely broker access to back end IT services (APIs) through a simple point-and-click interface. This ensures back end services and data are protected while reducing IT complexity and costs.

Forum Sentry performs bi-directional layer 4 through 7 inspection for authentication, data validation, schema validation, virus scanning, and data integration/conversion. The benefits of bi-directional inspection, include: upstream security, simplified network management and reduced IT overhead costs. Forum Sentry also provides advanced access control by correlating user authentication with the content of the requested data.


  • Direct integration with identity management systems
  • Attribute Based Access Control, Role Based Access Control and
  • Content Based Access Control
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Onboard Anti-Virus scanning
  • Protocol/data mediation and conversion
  • Supports mobile, cloud, and on-premise computing architectures








Forum Sentry delivers secure integration across channels, applications and infrastructure.

Forum Sentry is the industry’s only FIPS 140-2 and NIAP NDPP certified API Gateway product for enabling secure connectivity between users, applications and the cloud. With the industry’s most comprehensive built-in support for data formats and communication protocols, Forum Sentry enables companies to rapidly integrate internal SOA and external RESTful systems.

Adopted by enterprises worldwide, Forum Sentry API Gateway is the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted solution for securely exposing enterprise services and data to consumers. Forum Sentry technology processes over 10 billion transactions per day in the most complex real-time environments that exist.

Forum Sentry technology is purpose-built and industry certified to optimize and simplify application modernization for any XML, REST, SOAP, JSON, and mobile communication. Simple point-and-click rule creation enables secure access to data and services with centralized enforcement of cutting-edge cyber security protection, identity enforcement, and transaction management.


For securing your XML, SOAP, JSON and REST traffic