v4 Training Videos

The following are videos of actual Joget Workflow v4 training conducted by our trainer at a live training. Please bear with us, as this is still a work in progress. We will publish the training videos as soon as they are available. Thanks.

Module Module Name Level Links
1 Introduction to Joget Workflow General Video | Slides
2 Setting up Joget Workflow General Video | Slides
3 Designing your first Process on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides
4 Localizing your Joget Workflow General Video | Slides
5 Designing your first Form on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides
6 Using your first Process Tool – Email App Designer Video | Slides
7 Designing your first Datalist on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides
8 Designing your first Userview on Joget Workflow App Designer Available
9 Hash Variable App Designer Available
10 Permission Control App Designer Available
11 SLA and Deadlines App Designer Available
12 Version Control App Designer Available
13 Improving your Form design and Presentation App Designer Available
14 Introduction to Reporting App Designer Available
15 Introduction to Plugin Architecture Developer Available
16 Preparing Development Environment Developer Pending
17 Building a Plugin Developer Pending
18 Integrating with External System Developer Pending
19 Doing more with your Process Design App Designer Pending
20 Basic System Administration Developer Pending
21 Userview Key App Designer Pending
22 Best Practices on Application Building App Designer Available

Last updated: May 5, 2015