Drawing from decades of healthcare and technology experience Mokxa has substantial hands-on experience and knowledge in all aspects healthcare security. Led by an executive team with almost 30 years experience in healthcare and technology, we have been at the leading edge of the pressing strategic, business, technology and security challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Mokxa Security Solutions are based on NIST Cyber Security Framework of 2014

framework2. Cyber Security Framework: 

  • Lays down the foundation for security planning
  • Provides guidelines for implementation
  • Covers all aspects of security risk management
  • Complements other security standards and guidelines













Mokxa Security Solutions


We would like to help with your Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services needs and be on your Approved/Preferred Vendor List.

We can assist you in obtaining hard-to-find IT skilled professionals who can deliver quality application development and management support spanning multiple tools, processes and technologies. We want to ensure that our staff augmentation meets your overall goals of faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development, and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.


Mokxa staffing services helps you address below challenges:

• Lower the cost of hard-to-find IT skills

• Take advantage of globally competitive rates

• Ramp-Up Ramp-Down capability

• Training in emerging business and technology areas






Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services Offerings:

• Security Services • Enterprise Architecture
• Enterprise Mobility • Major Databases
• SOA and modernization capabilities • Enterprise Applications
• Major Operating Systems • Legacy Languages
• Web Technologies • Mainframe transaction processing
• Testing tools and services • Middleware and groupware







Let us put our extensive technical delivery experience to work for you.  Whether onshore or offshore Mokxa has the right experience and right consultants to ensure timely and effective delivery of your projects.


Mokxa PMO framework includes:


  • Assess the existing PMO set up
  • Evaluate Process maturity
  • Assess Project and program portfolio
  • Evaluate Program and Project Management Tools portfolio and utilization
Set up and Implementation:
  • Process definition
  • PMO structure and Governance Framework
  • Operationalizing PMO
  • Program management consulting
  • Run PMO as managed service
  • Manage large complex programs
Strategic PMO:
  • Project and Program performance alignment
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Vendor Program Management Office (VPMO)
  • EVM (Earned Value Management) Process Set-up


Our PMO framework enables you to implement well defined processes at the PMO, program and project level with clearly defined organizational structure, governance, reporting, roles and responsibilities and metrics. This results in perfect alignment of program vision and objectives with the business expectations by:

• Cost Optimization
• Resource Alignment
• Streamline and Standardize cross-departmental processes
• Strategically Align IT and business objectives
• Dashboards for decision-makers
• Simplify and mature the cross-departmental lines of communication
• Improving program and project standards
• Provide education and mentorship
• Consolidation and Centralization of program and project oversight
• Improving business integration

Our workflow tool is an web-based workflow software to develop workflow and Business Process Management applications.More than just a workflow or BPM platform,offers full-fledged agile development capabilities(consisting of processes, forms, lists, CRUD and UI), not just back-end EAI/orchestration/integration or the task-based interface for traditional workflow/BPM products. So for example, build a sales force automation app instead of just a sales quotation approval process.With v3′s comprehensive plug-in architecture, developers are also able to easily extend the platform and integrate Workflow with other systems whenever required.

Workflow For Business

Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Elimination of unnecessary steps due to automation of business processes
  • Faster and more consistent completion of manual processes, and with minimal errors.
Improved Process Control
  • Standardization of processes and availability of audit trails.
  • Predefined and documented steps.
  • Consistent business practices.
  • Improved efficiency in organizations as a result of transparency in processes.
Focus on Business Needs
  • Business managers can now focus on important business decisions rather than routine task assignments and reporting.
  • Consistency in business processes allows for better anticipation of customer demands and greater predictability in levels of customer response.
Business Process Improvement
  • Flexibility over processes enables quick redesign in line with evolving business needs.
  • Focus on business processes leads to better streamlining and simplification.
  • Improvement of internal processes increases efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
Ease of Use and Simplicity
  • Visually configurable rules and actions, allowing business processes to be automated without custom programming
  • Point-and-click configuration, enabling rapid development and deployment
  • Capacity to accommodate all business needs regardless of process complexity
  • Intuitive user interface to easily design work processes
Lowered Cost
  • Fewer mistakes and work delays results in increased productivity and faster delivery
  • Employees can be guided through complex procedures, hence reducing the cost of training