Data Management

Data Integration:

Data is the most important asset for most organizations. Data Movement (ETL) is one of the most commonly needed technology tasks in companies doing Data Integration projects. While this is conceptually simple, most IT projects involving data movement are partially successful at best. Many projects fail, and a majority of large data projects don’t deliver as expected. Our Data movement experts understand not only the practical and successful methodologies, but also the typical failure points of data migration projects. We have expertise in application programming and ETL tools to ensure successful delivery of Data Integration projects. Our consultants have delivered multi-million dollar Data Integration projects, working with distributed teams, in complex business environments.

Data Warehousing:

As Databases grow in size, companies are getting lost in the data warehouses they are building. The promise that Data Warehousing holds in generating returns, and solving business problems, is not being realized. Mokxa Technologies has delivered on Data Warehousing efforts ranging from creating small data marts to creating multi terabyte sized databases. Our database expertise spans vendors and technologies. Because we are vendor neutral, we can help you make an objective choice that works for your organization. With our resources, you can leapfrog your competition, by leveraging experience of having implemented critical Data Warehousing projects at Fortune 500 companies, including very large and Real time Warehouses.

Data Quality:

Data Quality is a differentiator between organizations, and can be the determinant of success or failure of business and IT initiatives. Data Quality has many dimensions – we understand the intricacies involved. We can help you with your Data Quality initiatives with strategic advisory services, business analysis support, or technology support. We have created a Data Quality framework that helps us use our Data Testing approaches and Process methodologies to enhance the Total value that we provide in our Data Quality Offering.

Master Data Management:

Organizations are facing pain in managing the data that their systems are collecting every minute. It is increasingly obvious that critical data in any Enterprise, big or small, needs to be managed efficiently, e.g. Customer, Product, Employee, etc. Mokxa Technologies MDM vertical has expert resources with decades of experience in various Master Data Management techniques, platforms and technologies. We will help you gather requirements, design for your needs, build as per specifications, test the MDM system, and implement and maintain your systems.

Business Intelligence:

Any amount of data gathered in a company cannot be put to use without an effective Business Intelligence framework. As companies strive to drive revenue and profit growth, they increasingly need current and historical information in an easily usable format. Business Intelligence technologies and practices help them to make this leap. We have highly experienced practitioners with experience of high criticality, major projects in major and mid-sized companies.