Managed Testing

Test Center of Excellence (TCOE):

Pressures for delivering quality at rapid pace are increasing. To respond to the challenge of improving the quality of their deliverables, organizations are increasingly treating testing as a key constituent of their IT competencies. The result is Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE).

TCoE is a dedicated test center that Mokxa establishes for its clients and runs for its customers on a factory model. We have experience of setting up and running very large TCOEs for medium to large organizations. To optimize the value of TCoEs for its clients, Mokxa has set up the TCOEs on a shared services model in which testing for all projects is consolidated and executed in a centralized manner on a managed services basis. Mokxa can talk to you about its stories how this model has enabled customers to reduce time-to-market, deliver defect free IT applications, lower testing costs and enable a 24X7 global testing delivery model.

 What Mokxa Provides:


  • Assess the existing testing maturity of the organization
  • Evaluate Process maturity along different testing verticals like automation, performance, end to end testing, business process testing and metrics
  • Evaluate Testing Management Tools portfolio and utilization

TCOE Set-Up and Implementation:

  • Process definition
  • TCOE Structure and Governance Framework
  • Operationalizing TCOE
  • Run TCOE as a managed service
  • Manage testing as an integrated program supporting multiple projects

Strategic TCOE:

  • Define Quality Goals of the Organization
  • Align TCOE with organizational quality objectives
  • Alignment of the TCOE process and standards with other organizational processes
  • Quality Dashboards


  • Performance Testing
  • Automation Testing / Regression Testing
  • Setting up and administrating quality management tools
  • Metrics Management
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Test Data Management
  • Managing PHI data in the test environments