Business IT Alignment

The alignment of IT value delivery with business goals is a key determining factor for the success of your organization.  Mokxa can assist you to achieve a clear implementable alignment framework.  We assist our clients in developing a clear roadmap to bridge their current Business-IT alignment gap in a cost effective and competitive manner.  We bring a holistic perceptive and insights into how to make it work. Our approach is simple, effective, and direct and has been tested multiple times. 


As part of our Business - IT alignment services, we:

  • Evaluate and assess your IT capability against the industry benchmarks
  • Architect an IT strategy
  • Assess your IT capability and IT strategy in context with your business strategy
  • Establish the governance and processes that are needed to not only effectively and efficiently manage IT-business alignment and but sustain it over long term
  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses of your IT strategy in context with your business strategy
  • Assist in setting up the metrics to measure the value of your IT in terms of business
  • Recommend improvements to your IT strategy with potential options
  • Help the business leaders directly involved in the decision making of IT to follow a checklist for robust decision making
  • Advise implementation of IT strategy
  • Guide you with all the finer points of implementation under the explicit roadmap