At Mokxa we have a product engineering practice to enable companies that already have local development and support teams to quickly access and apply global product engineers for product development and delivery. Through our structured engagement, clients can integrate talented engineers into discrete projects that are "time-boxed" and require product vertical or technology expertise. We have the ability to quickly ramp-up and ramp-down on resources to meet our client’s needs.

Partnership Engagements:

Our product engineering practice focuses on a business model that integrates the inherent strengths of both the client and Mokxa to form a collaborative partnership that delivers product quality, economy and rapid time-to-market. We partner with clients to create a product roadmap and provide and execute plans to meet product release timelines. We strongly believe in delivery focus. 

Product Testing:

With strong development expertise in Products/ Application space and tremendous focus on quality review, we have built core competency in the testing area. We can perform the functional, integration, UI, Load test using leading tools available in the market. Our testing team rapidly understands the business processes, develop the test strategy and implement the test scripts. Emphasis is given on reusability of test scenarios and scripts so that it can reduce the ultimate test efforts.


Product Life-Cycle Management: 


  • UI design and wireframes
  • Requirements specifications
  • High level data model
  • Risk management plan
  • Project Plan and estimation for next phases
  • Detailed design specification(may include use cases, object diagrams and underlying design elements)
  • Detailed data design
  • Coding
  • System test Plan
  • System tested source code


  • Installation guide
  • User Manuals
  • Product release engineering
  • Prioritization of enhancements to yield ROI and customer satisfaction
  • A flexible on demand resource team to handle ongoing maintenance and new releases
  • Product support

Test Center of Excellence (TCOE):

Pressures for delivering quality at rapid pace are increasing. To respond to the challenge of improving the quality of their deliverables, organizations are increasingly treating testing as a key constituent of their IT competencies. The result is Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE).

TCoE is a dedicated test center that Mokxa establishes for its clients and runs for its customers on a factory model. We have experience of setting up and running very large TCOEs for medium to large organizations. To optimize the value of TCoEs for its clients, Mokxa has set up the TCOEs on a shared services model in which testing for all projects is consolidated and executed in a centralized manner on a managed services basis. Mokxa can talk to you about its stories how this model has enabled customers to reduce time-to-market, deliver defect free IT applications, lower testing costs and enable a 24X7 global testing delivery model.

 What Mokxa Provides:


  • Assess the existing testing maturity of the organization
  • Evaluate Process maturity along different testing verticals like automation, performance, end to end testing, business process testing and metrics
  • Evaluate Testing Management Tools portfolio and utilization

TCOE Set-Up and Implementation:

  • Process definition
  • TCOE Structure and Governance Framework
  • Operationalizing TCOE
  • Run TCOE as a managed service
  • Manage testing as an integrated program supporting multiple projects

Strategic TCOE:

  • Define Quality Goals of the Organization
  • Align TCOE with organizational quality objectives
  • Alignment of the TCOE process and standards with other organizational processes
  • Quality Dashboards


  • Performance Testing
  • Automation Testing / Regression Testing
  • Setting up and administrating quality management tools
  • Metrics Management
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Test Data Management
  • Managing PHI data in the test environments

Data Integration:

Data is the most important asset for most organizations. Data Movement (ETL) is one of the most commonly needed technology tasks in companies doing Data Integration projects. While this is conceptually simple, most IT projects involving data movement are partially successful at best. Many projects fail, and a majority of large data projects don’t deliver as expected. Our Data movement experts understand not only the practical and successful methodologies, but also the typical failure points of data migration projects. We have expertise in application programming and ETL tools to ensure successful delivery of Data Integration projects. Our consultants have delivered multi-million dollar Data Integration projects, working with distributed teams, in complex business environments.

Data Warehousing:

As Databases grow in size, companies are getting lost in the data warehouses they are building. The promise that Data Warehousing holds in generating returns, and solving business problems, is not being realized. Mokxa Technologies has delivered on Data Warehousing efforts ranging from creating small data marts to creating multi terabyte sized databases. Our database expertise spans vendors and technologies. Because we are vendor neutral, we can help you make an objective choice that works for your organization. With our resources, you can leapfrog your competition, by leveraging experience of having implemented critical Data Warehousing projects at Fortune 500 companies, including very large and Real time Warehouses.

Data Quality:

Data Quality is a differentiator between organizations, and can be the determinant of success or failure of business and IT initiatives. Data Quality has many dimensions – we understand the intricacies involved. We can help you with your Data Quality initiatives with strategic advisory services, business analysis support, or technology support. We have created a Data Quality framework that helps us use our Data Testing approaches and Process methodologies to enhance the Total value that we provide in our Data Quality Offering.

Master Data Management:

Organizations are facing pain in managing the data that their systems are collecting every minute. It is increasingly obvious that critical data in any Enterprise, big or small, needs to be managed efficiently, e.g. Customer, Product, Employee, etc. Mokxa Technologies MDM vertical has expert resources with decades of experience in various Master Data Management techniques, platforms and technologies. We will help you gather requirements, design for your needs, build as per specifications, test the MDM system, and implement and maintain your systems.

Business Intelligence:

Any amount of data gathered in a company cannot be put to use without an effective Business Intelligence framework. As companies strive to drive revenue and profit growth, they increasingly need current and historical information in an easily usable format. Business Intelligence technologies and practices help them to make this leap. We have highly experienced practitioners with experience of high criticality, major projects in major and mid-sized companies.

Mokxa has helped various clients build high-performing enterprise architecture (EA) organizations by working with them to align their IT strategies to their business goal. Our team provides expertise in the implementation, transformation, organizational design, staffing models, people, business & IT strategy alignment.

We also provide support, tools and methodologies for establishing the right team with right talent selection and development, performance management and coaching.

As part of our commitment to EA thought leadership, we developed a best practices based EA implementation guide and an EA deliverables guide that will help speeding up your organization by implementing EA. Several other guides are developed to explain more in depth details about stakeholder analysis; principles and background of EA frameworks. the assessment of enterprise architecture work, etc.


Our Value Proposition

  • We bring much needed architecture expertise to the teams
  • Lower TCO – dynamic engagement model
  • Our expertise, intellectual capital, tools and techniques have been successfully used across multiple organizations

Services Include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment
  • Creation of system architecture and design
  • Providing technology leadership and mentoring
  • Provide consulting services for translating architectural principles into design
  • Integrating architecture driven development
  • Designing business process and IT system re-engineering
  • Evaluating tools and technologies and the creation of implementation road-maps
  • Training and focused workshops
  • Creating knowledge assets


Applications have become more complex and more important to the daily operations of most organizations. We know that customers need to maintain a balance between productivity and maintenance of applications while ensuring they are scalable, available, and predictable. We also understand application challenges and have assisted many companies achieve success in overcoming those challenges.

A simple advance of technology or change in customer preferences can snowball into large costly projects for organizations. When that happens, you need more than an application developer, you need a partner who can ensure success with a commitment of developing solutions that provide the best possible balance of cost, speed to market and quality. That’s where you will find Mokxa ready to serve.

Our Approach Includes: 

  • Agile application development
  • Plan and execute complete SDLC
  • Issue identification, evaluation and resolution
  • Requirements management
  • Establish architecture, governance, and metrics
  • Business driven development
  • Systems and Product development


Mobile Application Development

Mokxa is a leading provider of custom mobile application development services. We have mastered this domain and have extensive experience in developing custom mobile applications for iPhone, BlackBerry as well as Android Smart Phones.

With Mobile technology taking center stage in today’s world, organizations are keen on making significant advancements in the mobile space. As mobile technology keeps the customers stay connected for almost all the time, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop world to keep attuned to their customer’s needs.Mokxa offers mobile/PDA application solutions that help organizations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile devices. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological background, we design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing.We have developed customized iPhone based mobile application, Java based mobile application and Windows based mobile application solutions. We provide Top-notch business Approach to achieve a competitive edge in the mobile market.


Offshore Application Development

As companies continue to seek to lower operating costs and business success depends on efficient technology spending offshore development remains an attractive options for companies of all sizes.  However, the attractiveness of offshore development can be complicated without the right partner with the right experience.

Mokxa is your partner of choice given our extensive experience in establishing and operating offshore development centers. Our approach delivers the following benefits:

Ownership and Responsibility: Focus on full ownership and responsibility for the enterprise system allows companies to redirect scarce staffing resources to high-priority strategic areas.

Cost Savings on TCO: We have proven that our Onsite/Offshore model is highly cost-effective, generating fast Return on Investments (ROI) for our customers.

Guaranteed Service Levels: Our strong methodology ensures service levels that companies can depend on.

Value: Our Application Management Services improve the knowledge of existing systems that result in superior maintenance and performance.